NHPPA broke new ground at the Victoria Women’s Expo this past weekend March 2/3, 2019. Having a booth at a show that wasn’t focused on alternative health, was a first. New volunteers Jennifer Shelley and Eileen Nielsen dialed up their discussion strategies when faced with the majority of visitors having no idea they are at risk of losing rights over their own bodies. They had their work cut out for them. Advocating for the Charter of Health Freedom petition kept them motivated. Their efforts resulted in another 190 signatures for the petition! Eileen reported back to NHPPA, “We have a lot of work to do!” Two full days of high-energy public advocacy takes stamina. Midway through Sunday, Jennifer called in back-up with volunteer Robyn Grant to close out the show. Thank you all for giving your time! Volunteers’ work strengthens our outreach and reverberates the energy of freedom.