“We are captive to the system as long as they control the information.” Come hear Shawn Buckley’s 2018 talk, with updates from the field, “Censorship, Science, Belief: The Truth Would Set You Free”, Sunday November 11 at the Whole Life Expo in Toronto. Can’t make it? We’ll post the recording.

Health Canada’s plans for changing the current Natural Health Product Regulations so that natural health products (NHPs) are regulated as chemical drugs are at the gate. This will increasingly threaten everyone’s access to natural remedies and funnel the public into a more dangerous and limited model, one of pharmaceuticals.

Discover how government censorship and slanted science are used to limit your access to NHPs and important research about them as well as why widely-held false beliefs about “safety and protection” need to be challenged.

We will not have a booth in the Whole Life Expo Exhibit Hall this year so be sure to attend Shawn’s lecture where you can pick up education materials!

Whole Life Expo schedule with Shawn’s lecture details Sunday, November 11, 3:15 pm

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