‘Canadians voluntarily spent $1.6 billion on natural health products to promote personal health. Yet Health Canada continues to remove effective Natural Health Products from the marketplace and shut down research into Natural Health Products because they are regulated under drug-style rather than food-style regulatory regime.

Natural Health Products would benefit from moving towards a more “food-style” regulatory regime as outlined in Dr. James Lunney’s Private Members Bill C420. This would make regulating Natural Health Products more in line with the safety record and non-patentable nature of these products. Regulation will be required to ensure Good Manufacturing Practises, inspections, product testing and quality assessment of health claims that will afford Canadians both the assurances and the access they have been seeking.

Stephen Harper will pass Dr. James Lunney’s Bill C-420 in order to regulate Natural Health Products as “food-style” rather than “drug-style” products.

Stephen Harper will increase federal research into Natural Health Products.’

Yes, Stephen Harper. This observation formed part of his One Conservative Voice campaign, prior to becoming leader of the Conservative Party.

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