In this first 50-second video of a 21-part series, Shawn Buckley explains the “Whereas” page of Charter of Health Freedom. It is an introductory statement that highlights the reasons we want to see the Charter enacted as law and sets the stage for why we need what follows. Your body is your body. You are competent enough to make your own educated health decisions. There is no space for government interference. The Charter of Health Freedom secures these truths and protects Canadians from Health Canada’s ever-growing level of oversight and control. The Charter protects your right to choose how to treat injury or illness in your own body. Unless we can move forward with a solution, the following generations will not appreciate what we lost – control over our own bodies.

As the author of this standalone Act, Shawn Buckley makes clear the key features of each section. He breaks down the proposed legislation into language that everyone can understand. We are already anticipating next week’s clip where Shawn will discuss Rights and Freedoms.