Communicating with Members of Parliament


The More Personal, The Better

The more personal the communication, the more effect it has!

1. In Person

This is the most effective communication. Insist on meeting with your MP and prepare for the meeting. Have follow up meetings.

2. Telephone

This is the second most effective. Even if meeting in person, have follow up calls. Have calls on different subjects and the MPs actions. Telephone calls with staff members are also effective. Speak to them about the issues as if they were the MP.

3. Personal Letter

A handwritten letter is the third most effective communication. If it is not handwritten as long as it is clearly a personal letter and signed, it is almost as effective. And there is no limit on the numbers of letters you write. If 1000 people commit to a letter a week, that is 1000 letters a week.

4. Pre-Written Letters

Pre-written letters, that you have added to are good. They support sharing the information that you want to convey well. Pre-written letters, like ones on the NHPPA site, if added to by you, have a lesser effect than personal letters.

Sending Your Letter

Did you know that a single hand-written letter to your MP counts as a message from a hundred voices? Parliament has a rule-of-thumb that if 1 person takes the trouble to write a letter, it counts for many more people who feel the same way but do not take the time. When you send a letter, you KNOW that you are speaking for many others, and so does your MP. Parliament recognizes the commitment from an individual when a printed and mailed letter arrives.

Mail Your Letters

Mail your letters to two locations:

1) Your MP at their Hill Office
House of Commons Parliament Buildings Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
* Mail may be sent postage-free to any member of Parliament

2) Your MP at their Constituency Office
Look for your MP at this link > House of Commons Current Members of Parliament
Under their CONTACT tab, you’ll find their address in your riding
* Regular postage stamp required to their constituency office

Do this for each letter and you get two letters to them in a physical form.

Fax Your Letters

Do MPs still have faxes? We think they do! When you are on your MPs page write down their fax number, and get your letter to them in yet another physical form.

Email Your Letter

This has a slightly lesser effect because it is the easiest and takes little effort—but it’s still a valuable way to reach your MP. When emailing, don’t attach your letter. Send your letter in the body of your email.

Do All Forms Of The Levels Of Communication Outlined Above

The idea is for your communications to make clear that you are passionate about the issue. So passionate that you are communicating on such a scale that MPs and staff have never experienced this before.

Do all the levels of communication over and over again. At least weekly.


Everything you do will make a difference.

You know how only one person can make or break your day?
Today, you are that one person, you are a citizen and a constituent. You are entitled to be heard.
Make your elected official’s day.