It’s Now More Harm Than Good. Jordan Peterson and Shawn Buckley Write on Life and Law

There is a strong chance you’ve happened across a widely-shared article from the National Post already. In the article, released on the evening of January 10, 2022, Dr. Jordan Peterson thoughtfully illuminated the concerns so many of us currently share. He outlines the perspective many Canadians have been searching for, unsuccessfully, in mainstream media for the past 2 years. His opinion mirrors thoughts shared in NHPPA President, Shawn Buckley’s, most recent Discussion Paper. In that paper, fundamental freedoms, control and the impacts of fear are examined.

The resonance between Dr. Peterson’s opinion piece, and the philosophical, legal beliefs shared Mr. Buckley, are clear. Both of these popular intellectuals, echo the same sentiments about “the time for courage”, the consequences of “quiet submission” and our need to pull together.


Video Replay | Fundamental Health Decisions, Second Class Citizens, Control and “Quiet Submission”

500 engaged Canadian’s registered to join constitutional lawyer and NHPPA President, Shawn Buckley, on December 8, 2021, for a LIVE discussion about current events in Canada. After two years of not being able to engage personally, Shawn unpacks the loss of our freedoms, our constitutional and health rights, our Courts, Canadians’ “quiet submission” and a deep dive into why he is shocked and disappointed. He closes with fiery comments on civil disobedience, coercion and power. This replay begins with Shawn’s fundamental philosophical, legal perspective, before the conversation opened to address questions of the attendees. LEARN MORE & FIND LINK TO VIDEO REPLAY

“See You On December 8” Video Reminder to Register!

Listen to Shawn Buckley’s personal video message (3 minute watch), an invitation to join him for a webinar on Wednesday, December 8, 7 PM ET/4 PM PT. This will be an enlightening discussion about his latest Discussion Paper: “There Is No Middle Ground—Which Side Are You On?“. There will be time for Q&A, and a meaningful exchange of ideas with Shawn and fellow freedom fighters about our rights and actions going forward.


You’re Invited To Join Shawn Buckley In Conversation

Government overreach has become a widely-accepted—even welcomed—norm, and our freedoms have become increasingly limited as a result. This is just the beginning.

For the first time in 20 months, join NHPPA President and constitutional lawyer, Shawn Buckley, as he shares his professional and personal thoughts on what he refers to as “our worst hour”.


Discussion Paper Release: There Is No Middle Ground

“It does not matter where you stand on the pandemic, or vaccines, or what you think the best health measures are. This is about choosing whether we will face those issues as free citizens in a free country or whether we will face those issues as slaves in a police state.” Shawn Buckley is not mincing words. He continues, “Your actions are not without consequences.” In this discussion paper, he examines Canadians’ loss of freedoms and government restrictions through a historical and legal lens. He also elucidates the impact of fear, and brings attention to rampant coercion, governmental overreach, and the loss of civil liberties. There comes a time in all situations that we find ourselves with a decision to make. That time is here.


Shawn Buckley September 2021 TrueHope Cast Interview with Host Simon Brazier

After their initial conversation earlier this year, Shawn Buckley and Simon Brazier of TrueHope Cast had more to discuss on the topics of natural health, personal sovereignty, and government policy. Published September 9, 2021, Shawn and Simon reconnected for a podcast discussion (1 hour listen), that broaches the question: “Are we losing our natural health freedom?” Simon punctuates the conversation with his thoughtful and poignant questions, leading Shawn to exploring, with undeniable acumen, the true nature of Health Canada and the current threats to our individual rights and freedoms. He shares upcoming changes in our system of natural health product regulations, the visibility of which has been magnified during the global pandemic – for those who are watching.

While discussing the effect of laws and regulations that impact natural health product licensing, availability, and use in Canada, Shawn says, “Science, in the area of health regulation, is the weapon to ensure that only chemical drugs are used to treat people.”


Thank You, Connie!

“Thank you for fighting for humanity. I will do all I can to work with you”. Connie begins with a positive and affirming note but shares with us, a year before the world came to a full stop, her more shuddering insights.

“This is the [illegible] force at work. The evil beasts who want 85% reduction in population with remaining as slaves to the .01% beasts.” Population control. Slavery. Evil. These are curious sentiments we don’t come across every day. We can feel the passion in your writing. You perceive your freedoms are being threatened, because they are being threatened – including your right to choose natural health products (NHPs) and practices. Over the last two decades, our government has consistently established new and ever-more imaginative ways to restrict the innovation, manufacturing, distribution, retail sales, and consumer access to NHPs. Consistent pushback from committed citizens is the only hope we have in quelling government overreach, and protecting our right to choose the ways in which we care for our individual health. As Connie so aptly stated, “We must fight.” – so thank you for joining the resistance and helping to upholding our freedoms as Canadians.

Thank You, Natural Health Advocate!

“Thank you for all your hard work and care for the Canadian people.” We received this heartfelt handwritten note during our incredibly successful “Do You Want My Vote” campaign in late 2019 that garnered the attention of a key Health Canada bureaucrat. As a federally incorporated non-profit with the objective of “Promoting access to Natural Health and Dietary Supplements”, the NHPPA is positioned to educate and motivate Canadians. However, our continued efforts have recently been restricted due, in large part, to limited financial resources.

Update In The Case Of David And Collet Stephan

If you have been following David and Collet Stephan’s case, you likely know of the decision made in late June 2021. If not, here’s a brief refresher to bring you up-to-date:

David and Collet Stephan have been through every parent’s worst nightmare – the death of a child. They have also been through nearly a decade of criminal court proceedings as a result.

David and Collet’s son, Ezekiel, died at 19 months of age in 2012. At the time of his death, the Stephan’s had sought the advice of a nurse-midwife and were treating their son with natural remedies for what they believed was croup.

The Stephans were convicted by an Alberta court in 2016 of “failing to provide the necessaries of life” after prosecutors successfully argued that the Stephans should have brought Ezekiel to a hospital or sought emergency medical treatment sooner than they did. It was clear there was bias present against families who tend to choose natural remedies to treat their family’s health conditions.


We’re In The Fourth Turning For Now: Crisis

When will this be over? In this fascinating (and artful) production (10 minute watch), Van Neistat, creates a visual representation of 80 year history cycles, as discussed in the 1997 book The Fourth Turning. The book posits that history truly does repeat itself, in predictable sets of four 20 year blocks called “turnings” before restarting the cycle again. You’ll see through the video’s illustrations, we’re clearly in a crisis now.