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Watch the video below to learn about the crisis facing the natural health products industry in Canada, what NHPPA is doing about it – and how you can get involved in the solution.

Key Issues

Health Canada is implementing stricter regulations...

...that will significantly impact consumer choice and restrict access to health products and supplements.

Health Canada is introducing new fees...

...on natural health products, which will place a considerable financial strain on NHP businesses. This will lead to significant price hikes for consumers or even force many small to medium-sized companies out of business.

Increased Health Canada censorship...

...will prevent truthful advertising by both manufacturers and natural health stores.

Huge fines will cripple the natural health community.

Prior to June 22, 2023, the maximum fine you faced for violating the laws on NHPs (such as selling a product with improper labelling) was $5,000. Now it is $5,000,000 a day.

Ways To Get Involved

There are so many ways to participate in our campaigns, so choose what feels best for you!


Educate yourself

Get to know the issues so you can speak and write about them. Watch the 5-minute video above, read our two-page crisis summary, or read our full 35-page Discussion Paper.


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Sign our e-petition

Sign our e-petition in support of the Private Member’s Bill to remove the $5M fines threatening natural product manufacturers, retailers, and practitioners.


Collect petition signatures

Help us reach our goal of 250,000 signatures by printing out a Charter of Health Freedom petition, collecting signatures, and mailing it back to us.


Pressure your MP

You can engage with your MP by writing letters, mailing in our postcards, phoning their office or scheduling an in-person visit. 


Make a donation

We rely on your financial support. With every donation, you help ensure that NHPPA can continue to do what we do best.


Inform others

You can inform others about NHPPA’s work by talking in your community and sharing our content on social media.


Volunteer with us

We invite you to be part of a nationwide movement to protect Canadians’ access to natural health products.

NHPPA’s Campaign Goals

Repeal Sections 500-504 of Bill C-47

Sections 500-504 of this Bill redefine natural health products and subject the industry to heightened regulation by moving them fully into the “therapeutic products” category, alongside chemical drugs.

Stop Cost Recovery on Natural Health Product Businesses

Health Canada has made it clear that under the Self-Care Framework natural health product companies will be regulated in the same ways as chemical non-prescription drugs and charged higher fees for licensing.

Stop The Self-Care Framework

The Self-Care Framework includes fees, fines, and sweeping Health Canada powers, that when fully implemented, will result in the loss of most of our natural health products.

Regulate Natural Health Products As Food, Not Drugs

In Canada, we regulate natural health products under the “drug” arm of the Food and Drugs Act, leading to more and more restrictions. We need the food-based model present in the United States.

Enact The Charter Of Health Freedom

The Charter of Health Freedom is proposed legislation that protects our access to Natural Health Products and Traditional Medicines by creating a separate legal category for them. 

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