Bill C-368 Second Reading | Postponed

Bill C-368’s second reading was scheduled to take place last night. As often occurs, Parliamentary business shifted, and the second reading has been postponed until at least next week. We have a little more time! So, we are still asking you to take two actions…

We know these Bill numbers are difficult to keep straight, so as a quick reminder: Bill C-368 seeks to repeal sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 that inappropriately applied $5M per day pharmaceutical-level fines to the natural health product industry.

In advance of the second reading, our Members of Parliament must hear our call to action loud and clear: their constituents expect them to stand in support of Bill C-368 as it progresses through Parliament.

Action 1: Sign the registered e-petition in support of Bill C-368

A newly registered e-petition with the House of Commons is now live, echoing the NHPPA’s e-petition and championing the same vital cause—supporting Bill C-368. Your voice is powerful—make it heard now by signing the e-petition and urging MPs to vote in favour of Bill C-368.

Action 2: Send an electronic letter in support of Bill C-368

Sending an electronic letter to Members of Parliament takes less than a minute, but it could make a lifetime of difference. Ensure your voice is heard loud and clear in the halls of power.

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