A Citizens’ Hearing into Canada’s Covid-19 Response

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA), with the help of Preston Manning and other groups, organized a three-day Citizens Hearing into Canada’s Covid-19 Response. The Hearing presented evidence from scientists, legal experts, and health care providers, as well as testimonials from everyday citizens about how Canada’s response to Covid-19 impacted their professional and personal lives.

The flyers with the event details are included at the bottom of this post. The event was live-streamed, and people in Toronto could also book to attend in person.

In describing the event, CCCA shared, in part, “An increasing number of Canadians are concerned about how the COVID crisis was handled by our governments and institutions. We’re alarmed by the serious consequences of their decisions and, at times, their seeming indifference. Those consequences include tragic impacts on the personal lives of many, violations of constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms in the name of health protection, and economic impacts of lockdown measures, which subjected millions of us to unemployment, loss of income and business closures.”

The NHPPA’s Shawn Buckley was invited to speak on Thursday June 23 at 3:30 pm EDT. Mr. Buckley addressed how the drug approval process was changed for the Covid-19 vaccines, so that neither safety nor efficacy had to be proven. Our nation’s entire vaccine response was based on the belief the vaccines had to be proven to be safe and effective. Most will be surprised with the truth.

Shawn Buckley appears at 8:13:05 in the Day 2 recording.

During his testimony, while discussing the poor evidence and lax Health Canada approval requirements related to Covid-19 vaccines, Mr. Buckley asserts, “I view this as not actually a test where a pharmaceutical company has to prove anything, I see this as an invitation for Health Canada to approve something. This is an outrageous test.” He closes his statement with “I don’t recognize my country.”

Mr. Buckley also participated in a Next Steps Taskforce on Friday June 24 at 1:15 pm EDT. The Taskforce discussed how Canadians should proceed, in light of the testimony heard over the three-day Hearing.

He appears in Part 2 of the Day 3 recording at 1:52:45, although we encourage you to watch the full event.


As written by the CCCA, the Hearings aimed to answer the following questions that are on many Canadians’ minds: “Were the measures taken by governments in Canada appropriate to the threat? Were they based on sufficient clinical and statistical evidence? Were they suitably focused? How effective were they? Were there conflicts of interest at play? Was there enough emphasis on prevention and early treatment? On informed consent? Was sufficient debate permitted? In attempting to prevent COVID, what other maladies were we ignoring or fostering?” These are important questions.

We’re certain you will find the evidence and opinions presented to be significant and revelatory.