A Message: Time To Show Resilience

In a piece written April 12, 2021, Shawn Buckley shares his thoughts. He reflects on the last year, discusses current censorship, government, and the need to show resilience.

NHPPA has stood up against censorship in Canada for more than a decade. Unfortunately, censorship in our society is more rampant now than ever.

In this piece, Mr. Buckley writes, “Censorship is not consistent with a liberal democracy. Censorship does not help citizens make informed choices. Censorship makes some of us suspicious of our institutions, which may or may not be warranted. Censorship can make us suspicious of each other.”

Although government control, political division, polarization of beliefs, media alarmism, and outright censorship are at new highs in Canada, Mr. Buckley brings our attention back to our own resilience. He urges us to “refrain from being part of a mob”.


We are asking you to consider censorship, the role of government, and the need for resilience. Start by downloading and reading this two page piece. (April 2021).


After reading the piece on Censorship and Government, we are requesting you do the following:

  1. Share: As Canadians, we must make it clear that we do not accept censorship. We are capable of discerning information for ourselves. Share from our Facebook page and forward our emails to your network.
  2. Donate: NHPPA has been pushing back against censorship of truthful health information since 2008. We cannot advocate for freedom of information and run national campaigns without the support of donors.

Thank you in advance for educating yourself on the issue of censorship in Canada.

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