Bill C-368 Second Reading: A Crucial Step Towards Protecting Natural Health Products In Canada

Bill C-368 has the potential to profoundly impact Canada’s natural health product industry and your access to these products.

The bill’s second reading in the House of Commons began on April 29, 2024, with the first of two one-hour-long debates on the bill’s merit. MPs from the Conservative, NDP, and Bloc Québécois parties all expressed strong support. They emphasized the importance of preserving the $3 billion industry, which employs 54,000 Canadians and generates $150 million in GST revenue annually. MPs also criticized the new regulatory framework, warning it would lead to fewer products at higher prices and disproportionately harm women.

Catch the highlights in our 5-minute video that explores key moments from Bill C-368’s second reading and how it affects the natural health sector.

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