Our 5 Campaign Goals

The NHPPA has been leading national campaigns against threats to natural health products since 2008. And as you may know, we’re doing it again. Guided by Shawn Buckley’s expertise, NHPPA navigates the legal landscape, disseminates truthful and accurate information, and organizes campaigns with clear goals.

1. Repeal sections 500-504 of Bill C-47

Bill C-47 is a Budget Bill
Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1

Sections 500-504 of this Bill redefine natural health products and subject the entire industry to heightened regulation by
moving them fully into the “therapeutic products” category, alongside chemical drugs.

2. Stop Cost Recovery on the natural health industry

New fees to license, manufacture and sell natural health products in Canada will drive many companies out of business. For the companies that survive these new fees, the prices of their products or services will increase.

3. Stop the Self-Care Framework

The Self-care Framework is a multi-step plan intended to harmonize the regulations for natural health products with those designed for the pharmaceutical industry.

This will result in the loss of Canadian companies and products, stifle innovation and increase consumer costs.

4. Enact the Charter of Health Freedom

This is proposed legislation that gives Natural Health Products and Traditional Medicines their own Act.

Rather than being deemed as dangerous drugs under the Food and Drugs Act, under The Charter Natural Health Products and Traditional Medicines are deemed safe.

5. Reclassify natural health products as foods, not drugs

In the United States, natural health products (NHPs) are categorized as foods, while in Canada, they are labeled as drugs. This misclassification of NHPs as drugs has resulted in the loss of Canadian companies and products, and caused prices to soar.

Our determination is resolute and we will persist until our goals are achieved.

Above all, we refuse to compromise on achieving our goals and will persevere until we are successful. We are not accepting Health Canada’s “non-negotiable” Self-Care Framework, we are not accepting Cost Recovery in any form, and we are not accepting a drug model that is designed to restrict access to natural health products that Canadians depend on.

We are in Health Canada’s end game, yet victory is within reach.


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