Please note that the NHPPA offers support, advice and information in general terms; we are unable to offer legal opinions on a case-by-case basis.

The NHPPA, as it is constituted, is not a law firm and has no insurance to cover the consequences of any advice given. Although our president, Shawn Buckley, is a practising lawyer with expertise in health, regulatory, criminal, and constitutional law matters, his professional time is dedicated to formal clients.

The NHPPA is unable to utilize funds which are donated by our supporters, for specific purposes within our remit, to pay for private legal counsel. It is the NHPPA’s mandate to utilize funds donated by our supporters for community and industry outreach etc. not private legal counsel.

The information disseminated on our website and in our complimentary documents, such as the Emergency Kit for Health Canada Raids, is meant to address the most common circumstances. The information provided cannot substitute for the advice of a licenced professional and should not be construed as legal advice. Please consult a lawyer should you wish to clarify matters particular to your situation.

We are equally unable to recommend a specific lawyer in your region. Please contact a local bar association or law society in your jurisdiction to obtain a referral to a competent legal professional if you do not have other means of contacting a lawyer. For your convenience, we are providing links to each of the regulatory bodies in Canada:

Law Society of Alberta

The Law Society of British Columbia

Law Society of Manitoba

Law Society of Newfoundland

Law Society of New Brunswick

Law Society of Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

Law Society of Nunavut

Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario)

The Law Society of Prince Edward Island

Barreau du Quebec

Law Society of Saskatchewan

The Law Society of Yukon