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To help us all craft our emails and letters, we give thanks to Otter! We are finally able to transcribe Shawn’s talks so that you’ll never miss a word. Otter is an automated meeting notes platform that can transcribe voice to text and produce a highlight summary.

NHPPA hosted a LIVE Q&A Zoom call with Shawn Buckley on December 8, 2021. More than 500 Canadians registered to be part of the call.

The transcript of that call is about a 20-minute read and will support you in describing fundamental philosophical legal perspectives to all levels of elected officials, bureaucrats, local businesses, and educational institutions to make your opinions on current government policies clear. Letters to our elected officials are paramount if we expect them to attempt to offer us systemic change that we are all looking for. As individuals, our engagement within a true democracy is essential to its functioning. We hope that this new feature supports you in your effort to articulate your voice.


20 Minute Read

Speaking passionately and truthfully, as he concluded his presentation on fundamental health rights and Canada’s de-evolution into a police state, Shawn so aptly stated: “The government will take from you, and will give nothing back unless you demand it back. Our rights have been taken. They are not coming back unless you demand them back.”.

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During the LIVE Q&A Zoom call Shawn examined the (il)legality of current government mandates, the loss of our fundamental rights and freedoms, and the necessity of civil disobedience. Engaging in conversation was the first step. But it’s also important that we all act.


Below we’ve included a few more of Shawn’s quotes that stood out in the transcription:

  • “If you’re the one that has to experience pain and suffering, you should be the one to decide what to do with it or how to prevent it. I have a real problem with the idea that some bureaucrat can make life and death decisions for you, or for me.”
  • “You’re saying it’s okay for the government to tell me and my children, that they must take any treatment that the government says we should take. That’s what’s happening. And that, my friend, is slavery. You’re allowing the Government of Canada to dictate health fundamental health decisions for you. That’s slavery.”
  • “We’re giving away those freedoms that we found were essential enough to fight and die for in the second world war. Not having ID papers. Not being segregated into different groups. Not having privileges doled out for good behaviour.”
  • “This isn’t a legal problem, because the government isn’t acting legally. The government is acting aggressively. There’s a war on your rights. There’s a war on your freedom.”
  • “I’ve heard of some businesses that the business owner just said, when the passport requirement came in, “I’m not doing this. I’m not like an SS Nazi soldier, requiring papers from my clients. And asking them to disclose health information that is actually illegal for me to ask for.”
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