Is this the end?

Discussion Paper on 2023 Health Canada Initiatives

Discussion Paper by Shawn Buckley

Published June 2023

All the things that we didn’t want to have happen to the natural health product industry are now happening—all at once.


Some industry members have thought NHPPA’s warnings were exaggerated for nearly 16 years. Now, in what feels like one fell swoop, Health Canada is moving forward with multiple initiatives that will assault the natural health industry and consumer access to natural health products and practices. We feel vindicated and horrified at the same time. If Canadians allow these changes to occur, it will be the end of the natural health product industry as we know it.


This is happening now.

Action Needed Now

This is a MUST READ document for all Canadian manufacturers, distributors, those who use natural health products, visit natural health practitioners, and those who value their freedom of choice in healthcare.

Excerpts From The Discussion Paper

  • “Claims will be restricted to minor conditions – conditions for which a person would not seek the advice of a health care practitioner licensed by a province such as a naturopathic doctor, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, an Ayurvedic doctor, a nutritionist, a herbalist, etc. Anyone who thinks professional natural products will be around in 2 years is naive;”

  • “Health Canada and the Auditor General do know that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to die from a NHP. They know there is no meaningful risk from NHPs that require any government action. What the Health Canada and Auditor General messaging means is that both agencies are willing to mislead you to achieve an agenda not connected to health.”

  • “Natural products will not qualify as self-care products if meant for any health condition that will require the intervention of a health professional. If they do not qualify under the self-care product regulations, the only drug regulations they could be licensed under are the prescription drug regulations, which natural products generally cannot comply with. This would take us back to before the Natural Health Product Regulations when virtually all natural products were illegal. Only now it will be professional products manufactured to treat conditions requiring a doctor (be it medical, naturopathic, homeopathic or traditional like TCM practitioners) that will be illegal.”

  • “There is also an invitation to comment. However, the Notice makes it clear that fees will be imposed, regardless of comments. This is found as follows: The fee proposal is subject to a 75-day consultation period. The feedback received will be used to refine the proposal as the Department seeks to implement fees that reflect the NHP program in a fair and transparent way. The fee proposal will then be finalized, and a fee order will be published in the Canada Gazette, Part II. Fees are planned to come into force on April 1, 2025. The fee proposal will be posted for 75 calendar days, ending July 26, 2023.”

  • “Many Canadians are only alive because of natural health products. Many more solve or manage serious health conditions with them. We cannot pretend that taking away treatments people rely upon for their lives and/or well-being will not lead to death or suffering.”