There Is No Middle Ground

Discussion Paper on Resisting or Supporting the Police State

Discussion Paper by Shawn Buckley

Published November 2021

Shawn Buckley’s Discussion Paper, “There is No Middle Ground: Which Side Are You On? Your Actions Either Resist or Support the Police State”; examines Canadians’ loss of freedoms and government restrictions through a historical and legal lens.

Shawn Buckley is not mincing words.

Our governments keep pushing us farther to see how much we will quietly submit to. This discussion paper elucidates the impact of fear, and brings attention to rampant coercion, governmental overreach, and the loss of civil liberties.

From March 2020 to November 2021, it has become clear that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which most Canadians believe contains our unalienable rights that protect our freedom, is not respected by our governments. As a collective, Canadians are accepting—and even welcoming—these affronts to our individual sovereignty.

Action Needed Now

This is a MUST-READ document for all Canadians concerned about the preservation of their civil liberties.

Excerpt From The Discussion Paper

  • “It does not matter where you stand on the pandemic, or vaccines, or what you think the best health measures are. This is about choosing whether we will face those issues as free citizens in a free country or whether we will face those issues as slaves in a police state. Your actions are not without consequences.”