We Are Doubling Down, In The Best Way

The Charter of Health Freedom is the best way for us to protect the Canadian natural health industry.

Have you heard of it?

NHPPA’s petition in support of enacting the Charter of Health Freedom is currently 126,000 signatures strong, making it one of Canada’s largest paper petitions (pending delivery). Our goal in the coming months is to double the number of petition signatures we’ve collected—to bring our count to 250,000.

We also understand you might feel like you are seeing double. You are! Last week we distributed information about an e-petition. We are doubling down! We are running two campaigns concurrently! The e-petition supports Bill C-368 to repeal sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 and this campaign supports enacting the Charter of Health Freedom, to secure the natural health product industry once and for all!

While both initiatives are important, today we’re focusing on The Charter of Health Freedom petition. Keep reading for all the details about how you can get involved.

The Charter of Health Freedom—Explained

The Charter of Health Freedom is proposed legislation that gives natural health products and practices their own Act. Under the Charter, the law would protect natural health products, practices, and the Canadian consumers who use them. The government would maintain necessary powers to address safety concerns, while also being charged with upholding our rights and freedoms.

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Although collecting 250,000 signatures in support of the Charter may seem ambitious, it is more than possible! This is already one of the largest paper petitions in all of Canadian history

We are asking you to visit charterofhealthfreedom.org, print out a petition kit, and begin collecting signatures within your community. We need your help in order to achieve our goal of 250,000 signatures before presenting the Charter of Health Freedom to the House of Commons

Reminder: You can ONLY sign this petition ONCE. If you’ve already signed (even if it was 5 or 10 or 15 years ago), but want to further support our cause, you can help us reach our goal by collecting signatures from those within your network.

Download the Interactive Charter


We encourage you to collect as many signatures as you can and mail in the completed petition pages.

You only need to collect three signatures per page for it to count. So, everyone can participatewe all know three people!

In order to compel Parliament to understand the strength of feeling for change among Canadians, the petition in support of the Charter of Health Freedom is being circulated across the country. Please share with your friends, family, colleagues, and networks!

Start Collecting Signatures Today
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