Content To Draft Your Own MP & Bureaucrat Letters


A letter drafted by you carries more weight than a form letter that you sign and send.

We are making it easy for you to draft your own letter.


  1. We are giving you a number of writing points you can write about in your own words. Pick the ones that are important to you and write them out in a letter in your own words. If you have a success story with a natural health product share it. See the points below.
  2. Please remember to demand action. Please put these five points into your own words and ask for your MP to do them:
    • Getting sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 repealed;
    • Stopping cost recovery on natural health product businesses;
    • Getting the Charter of Health Freedom enacted;
    • Stopping the Self-Care Framework, and
    • De-regulating natural health products.
  3. Also, please end with something like the following put into your own words:
    I am expecting you to respond with the progress you are making on the five items above. I will be sharing your response with a number of citizens that will be showing me responses from their MPs. If you respond to me with pre-written Health Canada talking points, I will know you are not working for me.
  4. Think of other things you want to say and include them.
  5. Sign your letter and include your name. If you are asking for a call back, give your phone number. Make sure your address is on the letter so that they can write back.
  6. Print out a copy of the Discussion Paper on 2023 Health Canada Initiatives. Then staple your letter to the Discussion Paper. Mail the Discussion Paper to the people you are sending your letter to.
  7. The more MPs and bureaucrats you send your letter to, the greater the effect. It would be great if you sent it to all of the MPs and the two bureaucrats listed here.





Please read the Discussion Paper so you understand the topics.

  • You have a duty as an MP to protect all Canadians.
  • Health Canada has been over-regulating natural health products for years. I am tired of this.
  • I rely on natural health products for list what you rely on natural health products for.
  • Speak about successful natural health product stories either personal or in your circle.
  • You are fourteen times more likely to be struck by lightning than to be killed by a natural health product. We do not need stricter regulations. I am not willing to give up my freedom to access natural health products.
  • Many Canadians rely on natural health products. They need to be protected.
  • We are going to lose natural health products and the practitioners that rely on them. Unless Canadians step up to stop this, this is the end of non-pharmaceutical health care.
  • The fees being imposed will drive small and many medium Natural Health Product (“NHP”) businesses and practitioners out of business.
  • The new fees will fund new permanent inspection/regulatory programs that will dramatically increase the regulatory burden on NHP businesses and practitioners.
  • The new regulatory burden being imposed will drive small and many medium NHP businesses and practitioners out of business.
  • We will lose natural health products, natural health companies and eventually natural health practitioners.
  • Prices to consumers will increase which removes products for people who can no longer afford them.
  • Censorship of truthful health information will increase which is a way of taking products away. If a person cannot be told a product can help them, the product is effectively taken away.
  • Taking away natural health products and censoring truthful information about them will have negative health consequences.
  • The powers and penalties we fought against in Bill C-51 in 2008 have been imposed on those in the natural health community. Fines have increased from a maximum of $5,000 an offence to $5,000,000 per day of an offence. Directors, officers and employees are also personally responsible for these $5,000,000 a day fines.
  • Health Canada will get almost God-like powers. They can order you to take any “corrective action”. Failure to comply can result in $5,000,000 a day fines.
  • The Self-Care Framework will restrict NHPs/Self-care products to conditions for which a person would not seek the advice of a health care practitioner licenced by a province. This will greatly reduce the conditions for which NHPs can be approved. It will eliminate professional products.
  • The Self-Care Framework will remove the ability to use traditional use evidence to support efficacy claims. This will lead to the loss of a large number of natural health products.
  • The chemical drug standards of efficacy to prove safety and efficacy will be imposed on natural health products. Requiring the same levels of evidence for efficacy and safety as is required for chemical over-the-counter drugs will lead to a large loss of natural products.
  • The compounding exemption will most likely be removed.
  • The Standing Committee on Health told us how to regulate natural health products. I want the Standing Committee on Health recommendations enforced.
  • I am angry about what Health Canada is doing.
  • I am angry that Health Canada snuck changes into the Budget Bill imposing the Vanessa Law powers and penalties upon natural health product businesses.


WRITE A LETTER. Then write another. And another

Writing just one letter isn’t enough.

Write your MP at the House, your MP at their constituency office, the Prime Minister, all MPs, and targeted Health Canada bureaucrats every 1-2 weeks. Sustained pressure about this issue will be required to enact change! This may take months.



“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try going to bed with a mosquito.” – Dalai Lama


Let’s be as persistent as mosquitos as we individually and collectively inundate our MP’s offices with our demands to protect our freedom to access natural health products.