Giving Tuesday | A Special Request From Shawn Buckley

Our campaigns are already having an impact! Thank you to all who have been a part of our successes to date – by sending a postcard, contacting your Member of Parliament (MP), signing or collecting signatures for our petitions, volunteering, or supporting us financially.

Together we are getting information out, having our voices heard by MPs and at the Standing Committee on Health, and building a team of hundreds of volunteers across the country.

We are off to a strong start, but we need to ramp things up even more to get the changes we all want!

It is critical that we STOP Health Canada’s “Self-Care Framework” before it is too late – before they destroy the natural health product community, and we lose our right to choose natural products.

The NHPPA team is working tirelessly to stop these regulatory changes and to protect your access to natural products and natural health care practitioners. But for us to be successful, we need your help.

I have a very specific ask for everyone reading this message:
Will you support our work financially by making a one-time donation or monthly commitment TODAY?

Significant funding is needed over the next year to achieve our goals. Our only funding comes from concerned individuals, practitioners, and impacted businesses. People like you! There are no grants for our brand of activism!

Today is “Giving Tuesday” and your inboxes are likely filled with pleas for contributions to important causes across Canada and the world.

We know that this issue is important to you, or you wouldn’t have received this email.

With that in mind, please contribute todayor even bettersign up for a monthly donation at whatever level is comfortable for you. Every dollar counts. We need to build our campaign resources for the coming year.

Among other initiatives, your donation will help fund our upcoming campaigns to:

  • Repeal sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 (stealthily passed in the June 2023 Budget Bill, which includes huge new $5,000,000 per day fines that will cripple the natural health community)
  • Double the number of signatures on our Charter of Health Freedom petition

In addition to providing much-needed financial support for our campaigns, each new supporter provides our team with a moral boost to keep going, knowing they are acting on behalf of many Canadians who believe in NHPPA’s work.

This campaign is too important for us to fail. We need everyone who cares about this to step up. The truth is, most campaigns fail because people do not support them financially. Please contribute what you can. Your donation is an investment in protecting your future access to natural health care products and practitioners.

“We” can make a difference, but “We” includes you. Please donate today.

Thank you,

Shawn Buckley

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