Health Canada is persistent—and so are we!

There’s no better time to take action!

Join our electronic letter campaign urging MPs to remove these harmful sections from Bill C-69 before they become law!

Why is this important? Budget bills are lengthy, and MPs may not catch every detail. Many MPs might not even be aware of these proposed changes, just like those that were slipped into the 2023 Budget Bill (C-47). It’s up to us to educate them now so they can oppose these additions and send the bill back to the drawing board before it becomes law.

Follow the link below to automatically send a pre-written electronic letter to your MP. And don’t stop there! We have multiple letters available, so you can send a letter on a weekly basis to keep the pressure on.’

Send An Electric Letter Now


Mail a physical letter—or two, or three!

Mail a physical letter to educate your MP on Health Canada’s inappropriate additions to the 2024 Budget Bill, Bill C-69!

Why does paper mail matter?

It’s impossible for MPs and their staff to ignore stacks of paper piling up on their desks, making this method more effective than emails. Of course, attaching the Discussion Paper amplifies the weight (literally and figuratively) of your letter, and so does drafting your own letter.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Print one of our pre-written letters from our website or write your own
  2. Locate your MP’s constituency office on
  3. Mail the letter to your MP’s constituency office
  4. Optional but encouraged: Attach a copy of Shawn Buckley’s latest discussion paper titled Alarm Bells in Health Policy: The Hidden Changes in Canada’s 2024 Budget.

Whatever your preferred method for sending a physical letter to your Member of Parliament, we’ve prepared the resources to support you.

Check Out Our Resources & Send a Letter
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