MPs Are Returning To Their Home Riding Offices: Schedule A Meeting

MPs are returning to their home riding offices for the week of November 14-17, 2023—so now is the time to schedule in-person meetings during that week!

Thanks to your hard work we’ve already seen remarkable success in bringing attention to the threats our natural health industry, and all its stakeholders, are facing. It’s crucial that we build on this momentum to further educate and engage MPs on the issues and garner commitments of support.

Book an appointment to meet with your MP for a meaningful discussion.

Does the thought of this scare you? It shouldn’t! Remember, your MP is working for you and is responsible for representing your views in Parliament. Plus, your MP is a person too… they surely value their own health and the health of their loved ones. Perhaps they still don’t understand how Health Canada’s Self-care Framework and the Cost Recovery initiative will reduce their access to natural health products and practitioners.

You likely have your own story about how your health has improved by using NHPs. Share your story with your MP so they can see how important and relevant NHPs are to how you and your community can be healthier.

To schedule a meeting with your MP, visit their website and locate their office phone number. Scheduling an appointment can take some time, so get started right away! Your meeting will likely be 30 minutes, so plan to be succinct and prepare your talking points. It’s a good idea to send them some educational material in advance, such as the ?Discussion Paper on 2023 Health Canada Initiatives.?

Use your meeting time to ensure they understand the issues, to ask questions, and to ask for their commitment to support: (1) repealing Bill C-47 (sections 500-504), (2) stopping the Self-Care Framework, and (3) the Charter of Health Freedom petition when it is presented.

Click here for more information on how to communicate with your MP, including a list of example talking points.

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