Shelved as a Reminder of Success. What’s Next?

Just shortly after 2019’s election day and the end of the “Do You Want My Vote?” MP postcard campaign we had to press pause on our work. The postcard is now tucked away with a few of our mentors—Shiv Chopra, Helke Ferrie, Jozef Krop and Jeffrey Smith. We are inspired and reminded that if we continue pushback, change can happen. This postcard initiative was one of NHPPA’s most successful actions to date. It had gravity. It was the perfect partnership between manufacturers, retailers, the public and NHPPA.

The concerted effort ran for the majority of last year. It saw over 320,000 postcards distributed across the country culminating in a confirmation that a targeted bureaucrat had heard our collective concerns and that they were being investigated.

We’d like to stay on the radar of Health Canada and the new and re-elected MPs. Do you want to take on another action with us?

Our reason for pause on increased action was limited financial support. It is our Achilles heel. We were forced to constrain our planned efforts. Taking into account the lack of budget, our results were remarkable. You will see a Working Review and Impact Report released soon that documents all NHPPA’s accomplishments over the past 2 years, of which this postcard campaign is just one!

At this time, NHPPA’s team is regrouping and considering how far into 2020 we can venture with the contributions we have left. Without additional natural health manufacturers, retailers, practitioners and members of the public stepping forward to fund our campaign efforts, our pushback and advocacy work will be further restricted throughout the year.

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