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Take Action Today!

Taking action has never been more crucial in safeguarding our natural health products.

Slow and steady wins the race. Consistent, deliberate actions lead to lasting success. The journey ahead requires persistence, and we need the support of every Canadian citizen to make a lasting difference. Your voice is a powerful force in this ongoing campaign.

Explore NHPPA’s various campaigns and how you can contribute to the movement to protect natural health products. From pressuring your MP and supporting Bill C-368 to backing the Charter of Health Freedom and utilizing our action kits – there are multiple ways to take action. Together, we can amplify our voices and ensure meaningful change that protects every Canadian’s right to access natural health products.

Pressure Your MP

Letters, Petitions, Postcards & More

From guides to help you communicate with MPs to letters you can print and send to postcards sure to grab attention—we’ve provided everything you need to pressure your MP.

Support Bill C-368

Make your voice heard!

Sign NHPPA’s e-petition and send an electronic letter in support of Bill C-368, which aims to repeal Sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 that applied $5M per day fines to the natural health industry.

Support the Charter of Health Freedom

Learn More & Collect Petition Signatures

The Charter of Health Freedom is proposed legislation that gives Natural Health Products and Traditional Medicines their own Act.

Get Your Action Kit

We have kits for citizens, practitioners, retailers, and manufacturers

We invite you to use your voice and influence to champion NHPPA’s goals and empower your networks to get involved in this important movement.