Thank You Laurie and Audrey!

We feel these words in our bones. Canada and its population are known for many things around the globe. Hockey, maple syrup, bitterly cold winters, milk in a bag and apologizing. Laurie and Audrey shared a note, attached to a recent petition, with the “I’m sorry” feeling. Canadians, as a collective, unless part of advocacy groups, are often uncomfortable with taking political action. It is not the most exciting thing to do with one’s time but it is a necessity! Two NHPPA supporters experienced our contented nature while collecting Charter of Health Freedom petition signatures in 2019. We had hoped 2020 would carry on our success from last year, so to Laurie and Audrey: The team at NHPPA appreciates your passion and recognizes that you are a critical part of the movement regardless of signature numbers. You are contributing to the protection of our Charter rights in a meaningful way. Thank you.

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