TWO Actions to Take Before Bill C-368 Goes to Second Reading in TWO Days

Bill C-368’s second reading is scheduled in just TWO days!

The first hour of debate for Bill C-368’s second reading is scheduled in just TWO days, on Thursday, April 11th, 2024. Time is of the essence! We know these Bill numbers are difficult to keep straight, so as a quick reminder: Bill C-368 seeks to repeal sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 that inappropriately applied $5M per day pharmaceutical-level fines to the natural health product industry.

In advance of the second reading, our Members of Parliament must hear our call to action loud and clear: their constituents expect them to stand in support of Bill C-368 as it progresses through Parliament.

There’s two days left until second reading, and we are asking you to take two actions…

Let’s continue to stand united and push forward.

We’ve done something remarkable together! Thanks to your unwavering support, the NHPPA’s e-petition in support of the Private Member’s Bill, Bill C-368, has gathered 15,099 signatures. Together, we’ve also sent over 300,000 electronic letters to Members of Parliament in support of Bill C-368. These actions demonstrated to Members of Parliament that Bill C-368 has merit and is favoured by the Canadian populace!

Our journey is far from over, but each step we take brings us closer to preserving the natural health landscape in Canada. Speaking of next steps….

Action 1: Sign the registered e-petition in support of Bill C-368

Our journey to protect natural health products in Canada has reached a critical juncture. A newly registered e-petition with the House of Commons is now live, echoing the NHPPA’s e-petition and championing the same vital cause—supporting Bill C-368.

Signing this registered e-petition is not just a signature; it’s a declaration of our collective will to maintain our health freedoms and access to natural health products. Let’s mobilize once again with the same passion and purpose that gathered over 15,099 signatures and sent 300,000 letters. Your voice is powerful—make it heard now by signing the e-petition and urging MPs to vote in favour of Bill C-368.

Sign the Registered E-Petition Now

One Letter, One Minute: Double the Impact

We’ve already made waves with over 300,000 electronic letters supporting Bill C-368 sent to our MPs! But imagine the impact if every person receiving this email sends just one more letter—we could nearly double our voice in Parliament! This shows the incredible power we hold when we unite for our health and the freedom to choose how we care for it.

Our actions are an unmistakable statement that we stand together to protect access to natural health products in Canada. Let’s keep the momentum going in advance of the second reading of Bill C-368 and ensure our rights are heard and respected.

Action 2: Send an electronic letter in support of Bill C-368

Sending an electronic letter to Members of Parliament takes less than a minute, but it could make a lifetime of difference. Ensure your voice is heard loud and clear in the halls of power. Act now, by sending an electronic letter in support of Bill C-368, and be a part of shaping a healthier future for all Canadians.

Send an Electronic Letter Now


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