Video Replay | Fundamental Health Decisions, Second Class Citizens, Control and “Quiet Submission”

500 engaged Canadian’s registered to join constitutional lawyer and NHPPA President, Shawn Buckley, on December 8, 2021, for a LIVE discussion about current events in Canada. After two years of not being able to engage personally, Shawn unpacks the loss of our freedoms, our constitutional and health rights, our Courts, Canadians’ “quiet submission” and a deep dive into why he is shocked and disappointed. He closes with fiery comments on civil disobedience, coercion and power. This replay begins with Shawn’s fundamental philosophical, legal perspective, before the conversation opened to address questions of the attendees..

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We were gladdened to receive immediate feedback. It was sincerely SO fantastic to be with such inspiring and engaged Canadians.

Madeleine K: Very informative—alarming, but informative—thank you all!

Jordan S: Super grateful for this session.

Eldon D: We will win this battle!

Lianne S: All your passionate concerns are mine Shawn—thanks so very much!

Josh G: Thank you. This was incredibly valuable!

Peter Q: Thank you everybody, Shawn and Team, as well as all you fine participants—this was a fine and encouraging session—looking forward to more!

Catherine C: Thank you Shawn, Julia and Veronica for setting this up, sharing and bringing people together!

Veronica S: Thank you for the great information. Really appreciate the chats and insights.

Robert H: Thank you Shawn for all your hard work. Great suggestions!

Carol L: Thanks and let’s come up with a collective CALL TO ACTION in some way, to empower those of us in the fight.

Jordan S: Thank you very much! This was such an encouraging talk!

Behrooz T: Thank you very much for doing your part in this social movement work.

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