We Finally Got What Was Coming.

NHPPA has always been careful in what we post on the major social networks. We worked hard to avoid our content being censored by YouTube or Facebook, and had done well for 15 years. The pre-launch of our new LIVE with Shawn Buckley initiative ended our “good behaviour”. We knew the shift in our work would likely fall to censorship but we didn’t expect it on the first reveal of our community.

NHPPA hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Shawn Buckley and the new community crew, back on September 29, 2022. The questions asked by the very engaged and supportive attendees delved deep into health law, fraud, lies, community and hope. It was nearly 2 hours of open and direct communication with Shawn where no topic was off-limits with information and opinions being shared freely—you know, the standard recipe for censorship.

NHPPA had intended to first distribute the replay on October 1, 2022. The AMA was removed as fast as it was uploaded. We are finally part of the exodus from YouTube to Rumble because our content violated their “medical misinformation policy”. This was the first delay in sharing our AMA. The second was the specific and targeted hack right at NHPPA headquarters and our main computer.

In the removed replay video, conversation ranged from the vaccine approval process in Canada to fundamental rights and freedoms; from the Self-Care Framework and its impact on the future of natural health products in Canada to the (“on the nose”) subject of censorship by government, legacy media and the new media guards. The replay was made available again on our new Rumble channel.


1 hour 45 minute watch

YouTube’s removal of our Ask Me Anything replay is one of the main reasons that NHPPA developed our (long overdue!) community space where we can finally get together again with ideas, thoughts and solutions being shared without reservation or suppression. The upcoming LIVE with Shawn Buckley community is now re-scheduled to open March 1, 2023.

Get in first. Seats will be open to 880 people, nationwide, with first spots given to current NHPPA friends and advocates!

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