Industry Perspectives, Health Canada “Self-Care” Consultation Recording + Slides May 30/17

This provocative April 29, 2017 article published by Citizens for Choice in Health Care (CCHC), “What Health Canada Won’t Tell You About their NHP Proposals…But You Should Tell Your MP”, sheds light on the hidden agenda for proposed new “modernization” of Health Canada’s regulations on natural health products and encourages Canadians to speak up and raise their concerns with their local MP.

It is no secret that when it comes to access to NHPs, Health Canada is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Portraying itself as a public protector citing safety as its justification, it instead seems to guard the interests and profits of big pharma and and does not work to fairly represent alternative medicines.

The CCHC piece does not camouflage its position and states, “make no mistake, the sole purpose of these consultations is to manufacture consent from stakeholders, the public and politicians for what HC is actually attempting, which is to provide a mechanism for pharmaceutical companies to monopolize NHPs for serious chronic diseases, as drugs derived from natural constituents appear, protected by use-patents”. It goes on to state that “the current HC proposals boil down to a purely bureaucratic and corporate agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with the benefit of Canadians.” The column ends with a call to take action.

Read the full article and learn how to effectively voice your concerns to your MP

Richard DeSylva RH, DNM from The Herb Works attended one of the Health Canada consultation meetings held in Toronto, early in May. Read his summary of notable take-away points.

NHPPA team members attended the consultations, both in person and via webinar. Listen to the complete recording of the first meeting in Saskatoon.

Find all of the accompanying slides

The recording is 2 hours and 23 minutes in length, the actual presentation with question and answer period runs for the first 1 hour and 30 minutes. The balance of the recording is of the participants going through a workbook exercise.


March Against Monsanto | May 20, 2017 Worldwide Keep GMOs Out of Your Genes May 12/17

Hundreds of thousands of the concerned citizens will hit the streets May 20, 2017 for the 6th international March Against Monsanto grassroots campaign.

Most NHPPA supporters are as active with the GMO issue, and other worthy missions, as they are with their actions to help protect access to Natural Health Products.  This is a reminder and invitation to join in solidarity.

Worldwide events take place in hundreds of cities on six continents. March Against Monsanto is a global call to action aimed at raising public awareness about the increasingly toxic food supply, calling into question long-term health risks of genetically modified foods and demanding that GMO products be labeled so that consumers can make informed decisions.

Full Global Event List, in an Excel file to help you find the Facebook page of the march happening in a city near you.


Meeting with NDP Health Critic Don Davies | Shawn Buckley’s Summary May 9/17

On April 1, 2017, Don Davies, MP for Vancouver Kingsway and NDP Health Critic, held a public forum on the regulation of natural health products. Shawn Buckley was there to meet with Mr. Davies and to hear the public input. Given the April scheduling of the first round of Health Canada’s public consultation meetings on the proposed new regulations for Self-Care Products, the timing could not have been better. Shawn also had a private discussion with Mr. Davies to share NHPPA’s perspective on several of the issues surrounding the regulation of natural health products.

In Shawn’s summary on the outcome of the public forum, he writes “We are at a time where it is essential to be prepared to bring political pressure when the proposed changes are released”. He further states, “As with Bill C-51, we anticipate a fight that will be crucial on the issue of you being able to access effective supplements in the future. We will need to be ready.”

Shawn goes on to remind us of the Trojan Horse, “In speaking with Mr. Davies, and with others at the forum, I was left with the impression that some feel that the proposed changes will come in the form of changes to the Food and Drugs Act Regulations. If this is how the changes are brought in, it would fulfill a warning the NHPPA flagged in a discussion paper on Bill C-17.”

Read what that warning was and a summary of the full meeting

Shawn Buckley’s recent article from Common Ground magazine

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