Discussion Paper Release: Cost Recovery Under the Self-Care Framework

Shawn Buckley’s opinion paper on what natural health companies will have to pay once the Self-Care Framework to group Natural Health Products (NHPs) and non-prescription chemical drugs under a single set of regulations is implemented is now available.

Health Canada has made it clear that once NHPs are regulated with chemical non-prescription drugs as Self-Care products, that natural health companies will be charged fees for licensing (i.e. there will be cost recovery).

Health Canada’s rational is that they cannot continue to charge the chemical drug companies fees, and not charge natural health companies fees, when both are under the same regulations with the same requirements for licensing.


We are asking you to educate yourself by downloading and reading this Discussion Paper (April 2019)..


The NHPPA is working hard to engage politicians, involve natural health industry stakeholders, and activate the Canadian public to push back and stop these changes. After reading the Cost Recovery Discussion Paper, whether you are a natural health product manufacturer, employed in the natural health industry, or a Canadian who believes in health freedom, we are requesting you do the following:

  1. Donate: NHPPA is the only organization currently fighting back against the Self-Care Framework, and the draconian penalties that come with it. But, we cannot operate without the support of invested donors. No amount is too small to make a difference. Please consider signing up for regular monthly donations. 
  2. Join Shawn Buckley Live: If you are reading this before May 2, 2019, please join Shawn Buckley live for a 60-minute Q&A Zoom Call about the Self-Care Framework. There are calls for Manufacturers, Retailers, and the Public scheduled, and the information given during each call will be tailored to be most relevant to the group.

    If you are reading this after May 2, 2019, email NHPPA at info@nhppa.org to request your copy of the replay recording. Please include the subject line “REPLAY RECORDING” and which of the replays you are interested in (Manufacturers, Retailers, Practitioners, Public).
  3. Write a letter to your MP: NHP Manufacturers will be most heavily impacted by the effects of cost recovery. However, the implications will trickle down to everyone in the natural health field. If you work in the natural health industry, we suggest that you write a letter to your MP and share with authority why you have a passion for the industry and how your livelihood would be affected by cost recovery. If you are a manufacturer, you can request that your employees get engaged and write letters from their valuable perspectives as well.

Thank you for standing up and taking action.