Discussion Paper Release: The Repeal of the Natural Health Product Regulations

A message from Shawn Buckley: “I would like to thank all of you for remaining active supporters of NHPPA. Our collective ability to make a difference in protecting our freedom to decide how to take care of ourselves depends upon our ability to take coordinated action. For example, during the Bill C-51 campaign in 2008, I was told at a meeting at the Prime Minister’s office that the anti-Bill C-51 mail was being delivered in wheel barrows because there was so much of it. That was you making a difference. Bill C-51 was never passed.

Because the opposition to Bill C-51 was so strong, Health Canada devised a new way to get the severe penalties and powers to apply to natural products. They came out with Bill C-17 which brought in the powers and penalties for a new category of “therapeutic product”. Therapeutic product was defined to exclude natural health products as that term is defined in the Natural Health Products Regulations. Because natural health products were excluded, the public did not raise a fuss and Bill C-17 passed. The NHPPA had called Bill C-17 a Trojan Horse. The danger of the change brought about by Bill C-17 is that Health Canada can make the powers and penalties that were in Bill C-51 applicable to natural products by simply amending the Natural Health Product Regulations.



I am asking you to educate yourself about what Health Canada has set into motion by downloading and reading the Discussion Paper to find out exactly how the regulation changes will affect you..


Discussion Paper originally published April 2018 available here.

Our concern is coming to pass. Health Canada has published a time table for repealing the Natural Health Product Regulations.  This will make natural products subject to the Bill C-51 penalties and powers.  It will also make natural products subject to the same standards as chemical drugs.  This will take us back to the early 1990s when Health Canada first started attacking natural products with the chemical drug regulations.

The NHPPA is in the process of finalizing an action plan to stop these changes. First on our list is to expand our contact list. We are only going to be able to stop these changes if once again we can help to start a citizen rebellion. I am personally requesting of each of you the following:

  1. To ask those in your personal circle of influence that are concerned about health freedom to join the NHPPA email list. The list can be joined by going to this webpage
  2. If you have any media contacts that support health freedom and/or natural products, please forward to me their name and contact particulars. Send an email to info@NHPPA.org with the subject heading: “MEDIA CONTACT
  3. If you live in a constituency where you believe your MP is supportive of natural health products and practices, and would be open to considering presenting the Charter of Health Freedom to the House of Commons, please send an email to info@NHPPA.org with the subject heading: “CHARTER MP
  4. If you are willing to volunteer during the campaign, please forward your name;  your contact particulars; the amount of time you can volunteer in the next year and where you think you would be most effective.  Send an email with your resume to Melody Byblow, Director of Outreach, at info@NHPPA.org with the subject heading: “VOLUNTEER

I look forward to hearing from you,

Shawn Buckley