How an Ottawa Chef is Improving the Quality of Food at the Children’s Hospital, Globe and Mail

“Kids are picky eaters at the best of times. When they are in the hospital, they are going to treatments or tests and they’re not well, it’s hard to get them to eat. If we can provide food that is comforting and nourishing and they have an appetite for … that can all lead to earlier discharges and decreasing the length of stay,” says Bernice Wolf, director of food and marketed services at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). “We’re not about feeding, we’re about nourishing and healing”.

In this September 24, 2018 Globe and Mail article (2:15 minute read), “How an Ottawa Chef is Improving the Quality of Food at the Children’s Hospital”, we learn how Chef Simon Wiseman is helping patients at CHEO realize the power of nature’s original medicine, food, to help speed recovery and send them home sooner.

NHPPA hopes that hospitals across Canada will take note of what Chef Wiseman and the CHEO is doing and incorporate healing foods as part of their treatment.



What Not to Do!

We were pleased to open an envelope holding the makings of an emerging freedom fighter. NHPPA supporters have collected roughly 4000 petition pages of signatures that will be counted in Ottawa. Of course, this one won’t. Sure, it’s considered damaged but we love the enthusiastic scribbling in dissent. A signed petition tells our government that we care about what goes in our bodies, and that we want to see the Charter of Health Freedom as part of Canadian law.

Contribute signatures from your community on your own petition page


NHPPA is attending the Toronto Whole Life Expo 2018

See you again soon, Toronto! We’ve just confirmed our attendance as an exhibitor at this year’s Whole Life Expo. Shawn Buckley joins the NHPPA team to update everyone on Health Canada’s most recent actions. We have free passes to share with our supporters! Visit our Facebook page, be one of the first 10 people to leave a comment letting us know what natural health product you can’t live without and why, and we’ll mail you a complimentary Exhibit Hall Pass!

Find out more about Shawn’s lecture

Watch for an announcement on NHPPA at a Calgary and Victoria show soon!


Colbert Links Big Pharma’s Sackler Family to America’s Opioid Crisis, Late Night with Stephen Colbert

They’ll get you on, then get you off. In the Late Night with Stephen Colbert September 14, 2018 episode (4:30 watch), “Colbert Links Big Pharma’s Sackler Family To America’s Opioid Crisis”, Colbert exposes the corrupt profit strategies of the family behind Purdue Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Oxycontin.

“The Sacklers and Purdue have faced hundreds of lawsuits including one right now by the State of Colorado which alleges that Purdue Pharma downplayed the risk of addiction associated with opioids, exaggerated the benefits, and advised healthcare professionals that they were violating their Hippocratic Oath and failing their patients unless they treated pain symptoms with opioids.”

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MedEffect e-Notice from Health Canada | Second Human Carcinogen in Blood Pressure Medications

On September 12, 2018 Health Canada released a MedEffect Notice advising of an additional recall of certain medications containing Valsartan sourced from Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals in China.

The original MedEffect notice regarding Valsartan, released on July 13, 2018, warned consumers that several products had been found to be contaminated with N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a known human carcinogen. In August, the recall grew to include additional products suspected of containing NDMA.

Read the original July 2018 MedEffect Notice

Now, Valsartan products have been found to be contaminated with a second probable human carcinogen called N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA). NDEA is formed through chemical reactions from the mechanical processes involved in creating this synthetic product. Toxic to the liver and other organs, Valsartan contamination with NDEA is another example of the pharmaceutical industry’s failings.

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The Doctor Doesn’t Listen to Her. But the Media is Starting To., The Atlantic

The problem is all in her head. The Atlantic’s August 10, 2018 article (9 minute read), “The Doctor Doesn’t Listen to Her. But the Media Is Starting To”, by Ashley Fetters draws attention to a North American healthcare model that forces women to repeatedly advocate for themselves to be heard. In Canada, seeing a general family practitioner is famously costless, but overworked doctors lack the necessary time for patient diagnostic work. Pressured to prescribe by financially influential pharmaceutical companies, they often miss what the sick person is telling them. This trend is exacerbated for women whose reproductive health issues are commonly dismissed.


What’s In Your Lunch: How a Harmful Weed Killer Finds its Way Into Your Children’s Food, Environmental Defence

On September 9, 2018, Environmental Defence (ED), a Canadian environmental action organization, released a report (6 minute read), “What’s In Your Lunch: How a Harmful Weed Killer Finds its Way Into Your Children’s Food”. The report sets out the findings a study in which ED tested 80 foods commonly consumed by Canadian families for traces of glyphosate, a top-selling weed killer produced by Bayer (formerly Monsanto) which was declared a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2015.

The report states, “In 2017, Health Canada decided to continue the registration of glyphosate for another 15 years. This decision has been critiqued by many groups because the evaluation failed to comprehensively consider evidence of risk and relied heavily on outdated and unpublished data provided by the pesticide industry”.

Health Canada, in order to “protect” Canadians from natural health products, is imposing stricter regulations on how they are labelled and the health claims that can be made about them. If natural health products, why not food? Where does the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stand now when back in 2017 they asserted that Canada’s food is well protected from glyphosate dangers?

What do Canadians deserve to make informed decisions about what they eat?

To label or to ban glyphosate. Where do you stand?

Sign the Environmental Defence online petition

Read about the discrepancy between natural health product vs food labelling in Canada


Traditional Chinese Medicine to Prevent and Treat Cancer, Vitality Magazine

An ancient approach to cancer. This article (8 minute read), “Traditional Chinese Medicine to Prevent and Treat Cancer”, written by Tom Fung, RAC, R.TCMP, featured in the August/September 2018 issue of Vitality Magazine, explains the internal and external causes of cancer from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.  Prevention and healing using TCM’s long-trusted modalities is also discussed.

Fung writes, “According to TCM theory, you will be healthy if you harmonize yourself with nature. On the other hand, if you fight against nature, you will put your health at risk”.

NHPPA believes there is a place at the Canadian societal table for diversity in health practices. Section 7 of the Charter of Health Freedom was written specifically to protect all traditional medicine practices, approaches, treatments, knowledge and beliefs, including (but not limited to) First Nations, Inuit, Metis, Ayurvedic, Tibetan and TCM.

Read more about the Charter of Health Freedom and how it protects personal and professional rights to health freedom.