Help Us Fight Back Brochure

NHPPA’s “Do You Want My Vote?” MP postcards have had an unsung companion piece, doing its job, to incite action. Launched in April 2019, the “Help Us Fight Back” brochure gives consumers the “main points of the issue” along with the names of four civil servants to call directly. Thousands have been printed and shipped to stores across Canada. Many more were printed by local stakeholders themselves! Thank you for that, retailers and clinics! “Help Us Fight Back” has offered consumers the highlights about the threat to their personal freedoms. You, like many other Canadians we’ve spoken to over the past several months, may be wondering why NHPPA is encouraging you to call agency employees.

We answer that question from the facts that were revealed in research about the latest assault on the natural health product industry: the four bureaucrats listed on the postcard and brochure make up the “committee” of “senior management” who are responsible for the origin of the Self-Care Framework. They are the ones who laid down the “non-negotiable” principles to make changes to NHP regulation happen.