After their initial conversation earlier this year, Shawn Buckley and Simon Brazier of TrueHope Cast had more to discuss on the topics of natural health, personal sovereignty, and government policy. Published September 9, 2021, Shawn and Simon reconnected for a podcast discussion (1 hour listen), that broaches the question: “Are we losing our natural health freedom?” Simon punctuates the conversation with his thoughtful and poignant questions, leading Shawn to exploring, with undeniable acumen, the true nature of Health Canada and the current threats to our individual rights and freedoms. He shares upcoming changes in our system of natural health product regulations, the visibility of which has been magnified during the global pandemic – for those who are watching.

While discussing the effect of laws and regulations that impact natural health product licensing, availability, and use in Canada, Shawn says, “Science, in the area of health regulation, is the weapon to ensure that only chemical drugs are used to treat people.”