Thank You, Connie!

“Thank you for fighting for humanity. I will do all I can to work with you”. Connie begins with a positive and affirming note but shares with us, a year before the world came to a full stop, her more shuddering insights.

“This is the [illegible] force at work. The evil beasts who want 85% reduction in population with remaining as slaves to the .01% beasts.” Population control. Slavery. Evil. These are curious sentiments we don’t come across every day. We can feel the passion in your writing. You perceive your freedoms are being threatened, because they are being threatened – including your right to choose natural health products (NHPs) and practices. Over the last two decades, our government has consistently established new and ever-more imaginative ways to restrict the innovation, manufacturing, distribution, retail sales, and consumer access to NHPs. Consistent pushback from committed citizens is the only hope we have in quelling government overreach, and protecting our right to choose the ways in which we care for our individual health. As Connie so aptly stated, “We must fight.” – so thank you for joining the resistance and helping to upholding our freedoms as Canadians.

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