Bill C-368 Passed Second Reading! Here’s What’s Next…

A Major Advancement In Protecting Natural Health Products

We are thrilled to announce that Bill C-368 has officially passed Second Reading after receiving a majority vote in the House of Commons on May 29th!!

Next step… the Standing Committee on Health.

This critical Bill, introduced by MP Blaine Calkins, aims to protect natural health products from overreaching regulations by repealing sections 500-504 of Bill C-47, Canada’s 2023 Budget Bill. These sections controversially moved natural health products into the same regulatory category as pharmaceutical drugs, a shift that has negatively impacted the industry.

We are grateful for the support from the Bloc Québecois, Conservative, NDP, and Green Party members who voted in favour of Bill C-368. Despite the Liberal party voting against it, we still secured the majority needed to pass the Bill.

This is a massive win! It’s important for you to know that very few Bills make it through Second Reading. This achievement is perhaps a bigger win than you may even realize, and it is ALL thanks to your hard work!

Let’s Keep The Momentum Going

The process of passing Bill C-368 is not over.

To ensure the continued success of Bill C-368, we encourage you to keep directing communications towards the 12 members on the Standing Committee on Health while Bill C-368 is in the Committee stage.

We have four updated letters to help you communicate with MPs.

Keep the pressure up by sending another electronic letter to committee members!

Send a New Electronic Letter Now
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