Bill C-368 Will Now Move To The Standing Committee On Health For A Thorough Review

Referring Bill C-368 to the Standing Committee on Health is an essential step in the democratic process.

Bill C-47, an omnibus budget bill, was not the right place for amendments to Food and Drug Law. Sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 lead to massive changes in our Food and Drug Act and has negatively impacted the natural health product industry and Canadians’ access to these vital products.

When such amendments are included in Budget Bills, they bypass the scrutiny of the Standing Committee on Health, the body that possesses the requisite expertise to assess the impacts of proposed changes on the health sector. Instead, these bills are reviewed by the Standing Committee on Finance, which, while proficient in economic matters, lacks the specialized knowledge necessary to evaluate the nuances and potential consequences of food and drug regulations.

Issues relating to natural health products and freedom of choice in healthcare require specialized attention that only the Standing Committee on Health can provide. This committee will ensure an in-depth examination, including a look into Health Canada’s evidence, calling witnesses to testify, and to hearing from industry stakeholders on the impacts of Health Canada’s new regulations on the natural health industry.

To maintain the progress of Bill C-368, we urge you to keep reaching out to the 12 members of the Standing Committee on Health. We have prepared four updated letters to assist you in your communication with MPs.

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