Bill C-368 Has Passed Second Reading | Watch Our 2-Minute Video Summary

We are thrilled to announce that Bill C-368 has officially passed Second Reading after receiving a majority vote in the House of Commons on May 29th!!

What is Bill C-368?

Introduced by MP Blaine Calkins, Bill C-368 aims to protect Canada’s natural health industry by repealing sections 500-504 of Bill C-47, which inappropriately classified natural health products as “therapeutic products” alongside pharmaceutical drugs and applied sweeping Health Canada fees, fines, and powers that are not appropriate for or sustainable by the natural health industry.

Why is Bill C-368 Necessary?

The regulations from Bill C-47 threaten the viability of the natural health industry by imposing unnecessary barriers. Bill C-368 seeks to remove these burdens, keeping natural health products accessible and affordable for Canadians.

Next Steps for Bill C-368

Passing Second Reading is a monumental milestone. The bill will now proceed to the Standing Committee on Health for a detailed review, where industry stakeholders will testify about the impact of Health Canada’s regulations and evidence from Health Canada will be studied. This step is crucial for ensuring that issues related to natural health products receive the specialized attention they need.

What You Can Do

Your continued involvement is essential as Bill C-368 progresses through Parliament. Here’s how you can help:

  1.  Send an Electronic Letter Automatically send an electronic letter to all 12 members of the Standing Committee on Health.
  2.  Mail a Physical Letter: To make an even stronger impact, print the letter and mail it physically.
  3.  Share Personal Stories: If you have personal experiences with the benefits of natural health products, consider drafting your own letter to the committee members.
Send A Letter to the Standing Committee on Health

Thank you for all of your hard work! Let’s keep the pressure on.

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