Bright Light News In-Person Event: War on Natural Health

Now we are all waiting for the replay, and the word is, it’ll be available in a week or so.

On Wednesday July 26, 2023, Glen Jung of Bright Light News, hosted a successful evening of presentations, followed by a panel discussion with Q&A from the audience. Ethics scholar Dr. Julie Ponesse, pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson, radiologist/oncologist Dr. William Makis, and NHPPA’s Shawn Buckley discussed Health Canada’s Bill C-47 and the Self-care Framework, aimed at tightening the regulatory grip on natural health products.

It was a fun moment when the host claimed that he had a “man-crush” on Shawn Buckley. The NHPPA team wants Canada to know that we all have a “woman-crush” on Julie!

Shawn told the full house that he found it “very encouraging” to connect with people before and after the event. Everyone in the event hall felt focused on the vision to resist a future of more restrictions.

Shawn began with, “We are in a war. It’s asymmetrical. It’s an information war.”

He had an interesting analogy that parallels our current landscape with how defenders of some historic battles overcame defeat. “The defending side, which was surprised [by enemy attacks], got rolled over for years. It takes years when you are surprised to get over the fear, to get over the shock, and stop believing that you have lost.”

He goes on to say, “Do you believe that we have lost? We haven’t lost. We’ve realized. We’re organizing. And we’re going to fight back. Every single one of you is a soldier and in this war it requires you to fight.

Stop being afraid.

You were brought here for this war.

You were brought here to be the resistance.

You were brought here so that we, and our grandchildren, would not live in glass cages.

Stop being afraid.

People have been thanking us for what we are doing.

We don’t win until we are thanking you for what you are doing.”

Watch for more of everything with Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA team. Having the nation with us for this incredible changeover of power makes for an exciting time!

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