“What Is Health Canada Doing To Natural Health Products…Again??!!”, Citizens for Choice in Healthcare

We felt we must share this two-part article, written by Anonymous (Just like Health Canada does), posted by Citizen’s for Choice in Healthcare. In Part 1, the author outlines the history of natural health product regulation in Canada in a concise and impactful way. In Part 2, the author summarizes the current challenges facing the natural health products industry and the impacts of new regulations.

It is imperative that we, as Canadians, understand the history of NHP regulation in Canada in order to fully grasp the “clever deception” that is occurring in 2023. This is MUST READ CONTENT!

The articles conclude by stating, “So despite the fact that Canada has the best NHP regulations in the world, despite mandatory testing for purity and potency, despite HC’s repository of NHP monographs which represents one of the biggest bodies of knowledge regarding NHPs on the planet….according to Health Canada WE NEED FURTHER REGULATIONS! This must be the most ludicrous, see-through, deceitful, unscrupulous and amoral bureaucratic move in Canadian history! We must act now!”

Read Part 1 titled What is Health Canada Doing to Natural Products… Again??!!
Read Part 2 titled Enjoying Your Natural Health Products… Not For Long!

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