“Censorship Law and COVID-19”, Vitality Magazine

“Censorship and a free society cannot co-exist.” A simple, yet profound, sentence that nearly says it all. Once again, Shawn Buckley, shares his invaluable insights to help us, the Canadian public, protect our rights and freedoms. “Censorship is the government deciding what information you can have access to. Censorship never ends well.”

In this Summer 2020 issue of Vitality Magazine, Shawn Buckley’s article (5 minute read), “Censorship Law and COVID-19”, outlines our government’s intention to begin censoring the information Canadians have access to. There is intelligent debate to be had regarding this pandemic—whether related to health, economics or civil liberties. There is legitimate, potentially life-saving science available to support the use of natural health products to aid in reducing the severity of COVID-19 infection. Canadians’ freedoms have never been restricted as seriously as they have been throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and the narrative to explain why seems ever-changing. The discourse in mainstream media has been narrow. Everything it means to be Canadian, and living in a free, democratic society is challenged with the introduction of censorship laws.

The call to action at the end of the article is critical if we want to maintain our constitutional rights, have free speech, read opposing literature and make our own informed decisions.