Absent Without Official Leave

Our silence was not by choice.

We were on a forced hiatus.

It was an incredible disappointment to our team to have to press pause on our work at a critical time, especially on the heels of a successful national campaign at the end of 2019. It was not the pandemic, but rather the hypoxemic lack of funding, that ended our ability to work. A few dedicated funders far exceeded the contributions of the public, or all other stakeholders combined, to prop up the freedoms of all Canadians. That small group of serious contributors, who understood what it took to keep us together, could not sustain their support. We are hard pressed to bring any messaging to you even now.

NHPPA is one of the few organizations in Canada that have sounded the alarm bell on Health Canada’s disastrous plans—continuously, and with accuracy—since 2008. Even those who have not supported our efforts have been at an advantage for the knowledge that we’ve shared openly and widely. We brought the natural health nation together at pivotal times in the past and were successful at softening and slowing the pace of Health Canada’s actions. Our hope is to work together again before what we face in Spring 2022. Not one of our successes would have been possible without the public or our funders. They have had equal gravity in any campaign or forward motion.

The NHPPA team reassembled to share a few important messages in the upcoming weeks.

We would like to thank the deeply committed members of the industry, working on behalf of the natural health community, who remain vigilant but unseen and silent.


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