Join Shawn Buckley for a LIVE Legal Review of his latest Discussion Paper “Changes to the Drug Approval Test for COVID-19 Vaccines, Permitted Vaccines to be Approved Without Objective Proof of (1) Safety, (2) Efficacy, or (3) The Benefits Outweighing the Risks” on Wednesday, April 5 at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT. Hear the facts and ask questions—truth welcomes scrutiny! This is NHPPA’s first (of many upcoming) calls with Shawn’s characteristic and singular focus to protect the public through awareness and education. His goal is to have the our community (consumers, health food store owners, natural health product manufacturers/distributors and natural health practitioners) grasp the “messages” in government actions. NHPPA wants you to know your rights—and the law—around your personal health choices. This year is going to see NHPPA ask you to get back in action with a potential new threat to the industry. But for this week, our focus will be on unpacking the false, public statements made by Health Canada to all Canadians, “All Covid-19 vaccines authorized in Canada are proven safe, effective and of high quality” (emphasis in the original). Get a pen for notes, print out the Discussion Paper, and get ready for some non-misinformation.