Full Legal Review Replay | April 5, 2023

1 hour 37 minute watch

On the evening of April 5, 2023 NHPPA hosted a LIVE full legal review with Shawn Buckley to dive deep into his most recent Discussion Paper  “Changes to the Drug Approval Test for COVID-19 Vaccines, Permitted Vaccines to be Approved Without Objective Proof of (1) Safety, (2) Efficacy, or (3) The Benefits Outweighing the Risks”.

Those in attendance were able to follow along as Shawn distilled his most recent Discussion Paper into easy to understand takeaway points. He also added colour and depth to an otherwise law-heavy document. We also opened the floor for questions along the way, which allowed Shawn to add even more context to the facts and ideas shared within this Discussion Paper.

The online event was free to attend, and is now available for replay. This was yet another step toward introducing you to the LIVE with Shawn Buckley community that NHPPA has been developing over the last year. The new community, launching a little later than we anticipated, will be hosted on a platform free from censorship. We have also ensured that thoughts can be shared openly, and in a safe space, with other approved members. The subject matter will relate to our expertise in natural health, of course! Current threats on freedom, and topics ranging from medicine to media, law to science, philosophy to ethics, and more. Our intention remains to develop a community that can impact the course of our futures—just as we have in the past.

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We are excited to continue sharing more about this upcoming community and can’t wait for it to come to fruition!

Some memorable excerpts from the legal review—and there are always plenty with Shawn 🙂 include:

  • “The problem when you’re not willing to consider something outside of the mainstream narrative is it means that you’ve closed your mind. And closing your mind is a choice.” (1:25)
  • “I’m just getting tired of the depth of the lying and just how consistent [it is] and how long it’s gone on. And considering that now I think that people are willing to open their minds, and perhaps understand for the first time, that these vaccines were not proven to be safe and effective.” (5:35)

  • “You can’t answer the question, ‘is it a good idea to allow a drug onto the market?’ unless you understand the safety profile, unless you understand the efficacy profile, because without those two how do you determine that the benefits outweigh the risks?” (14:39)

  • “So, what’s interesting is that this interim order that applies to COVID-19 drugs including the injections, they don’t require detailed reports of the safety testing and they don’t require substantial evidence of efficacy, which is the normal requirements” (21:12)
  • “There’s some scientists on this call, we could have a little challenge. Could you draft a less scientific drug approval test that this one? It is 100 percent subjective, it does not require proof of a single thing, and safety and efficacy are not even mentioned.” (38:17)

  • “So the Government of Canada purchases large amounts of unapproved COVID-19 injections, the Government of Canada imports these unapproved COVID-19 injections, the Government of Canada distributes them to the provinces, while the Government of Canada waits for itself to approve them. Classic conflict of interest. I ask you, what could possibly go wrong in a scenario like that?” (44:48)
  • “I think this is wonderful buck passing. The Minister of Health (Health Canada) issues the interim order, but the Food and Drug Act allows the Minister to do this if it sees a ‘significant risk’, which is not defined. So, has the Minster broken the law? No. So, now, we have this subjective test which is really a direction to approve. So, Ms. Lorenco who is really the final person who does the approval, does she break the law? No. Arguably, she had to approve them.” (1:11:43)

  • “We all expect that they’re there to protect our health, and that’s not in the Food and Drug Act and that’s not in the Regulations. They’re not charged with protecting the public interest, they just publicly message that so we believe what they’re doing is in the public interest as opposed to what they’re truly doing.” (1:13:31)

  • “You can’t make this stuff up. If it was a novel is would be a B or a C novel because people would go ‘that’s too unbelievable, can’t you write a more believable script?’ But, we all know the world is upside down. We all know that things are crazy. And we all know that you no longer have the option of not doing anything. You have to decide who you are.” (1:22:57)

  • “The NHPPA, we’re the last man standing for groups that try and protect our access to natural health products. And the way it has gone is that when there’s a crisis like is coming up, we’ll get drabs of funding and most of us will volunteer three quarters of our time, and the reality is we don’t have anywhere near the resources unless the industry and consumers step up to the plate and basically provide a warchest, then we can’t do it. But we can do it if we get funded.” (1:24:14)

Shawn concludes the AMA by saying, “We’re all human beings. We’re Canadians. We’ve got to pull together and love each other or we’re in for a world of hurt from what we just did. It doesn’t matter where you are in what I call this “COVID conversation”. It doesn’t matter a bit. We’re here… and we can only get through this together. So we have to start talking and we have to stop hating.”


1 hour 37 minute watch