Meet Brooke and Louise

These two work at a health food store in St. Catharines called The Peanut Mill, that’s been serving the community for 47 years. As a storekeeper and holistic nutritionist respectively, they have personally witnessed the life-changing powers of natural health products and practices.

Louise has been in the natural health industry for 30 years and guides people in living a more pain-free life using supplements, herbs, whole foods, and lifestyle habits.

Brooke is “fresh on the scene”, but no less passionate. “I started getting into health about a year and a half ago and it has 180’d my life, so of course I want to join the movement to protect these amazing products. I want everyone to be able to experience the life-changing effects these supplements can have”.

One day, after winning a display contest, Brooke and Louise were offered a $100 prepaid VISA to donate to any charity. They chose to support NHPPA because the natural health industry is under threat, which means the health and freedom of Canadians is under threat.

When asked what they envision for the future of Canada, both Louise and Brooke wish to see greater integration of natural health into childhood education curriculums and the Western medicine model. Louise feels that we must “remove the stigma around ‘healing’ and understand just how powerful the human body is”. Brooke adds that “information is power when it comes to natural healing… a lot of people just don’t know because our system is not designed to inform them”.

These two activists remind us that every. single. action. matters. and good always wins… but the good need to show up. So, thank you Brooke and Louise for being the fearless advocates that you are.

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