Meet Lana.

Meet Lana. She is the owner of Body Fuel Organics in Regina, and is a true advocate for the natural health industry.

Lana turned to the natural health system after watching allopathic medicine fail her family. Being in business for years has allowed her to witness this same healing power of herbs, vitamins and minerals with countless customers.

Lana had been casually following the attack on the natural health industry since about 2010, but was moved to greater action after attending a conference in April 2023, where she met Melody Byblow, NHPPA director of outreach, and learned about the Charter of Health Freedom (COHF). Lana brought this information back to her community, set up a COHF petition station, sent a letter to her MP, and began educating and encouraging her customers to write letters as well.

Lana’s “panacea vision for the future is simple… Give Canadians the ability to make decisions about their health for themselves and allow natural health supplements, products and modalities to be offered to Canadians without overreaching government regulations and subsequent prices that exceed the budget of customers seeking to stay healthy”. Lana adds that maintaining our access to natural health products will “lighten the burden on the health care system, allowing those who are in urgent need of it to have access in a timely manner”.

Lana is motivated by her passion for natural health, love for her family, and vision for the future. Her enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring to all of us at NHPPA.

This photo is of a surprise visit to Lana’s store by Shawn on his way to an event a couple of weekends ago.

Learn More About the Charter of Health Freedom
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