We’re One Step Ahead. Misinformation They Say?

We knew that Health Canada officials would begin claiming that we are spreading misinformation. Not to worry! We’re well-prepared with a brand-new postcard campaign!

As quoted in a recent CBC article, Green Party leader Jonathan Pedneault finds it “a very interesting thing to see that Health Canada thinks it can properly regulate these products while it’s unable to actually regulate the pharmaceuticals as they are currently under the law”. Perhaps Health Canada should focus on enforcing the many regulations they already have, including on the high-risk pharmaceutical drugs that kill upwards of ten thousand Canadians annually.

The article above, including the feature of our postcard, is a sign that our voices are being heard. Let’s make it clear that we are not buying their attempts to downplay the consequences of these new regulations, or to fool us into believing we need Health Canada to keep us safe. We’re also not picking up what they’re putting down when it comes to “misinformation”.

Canadians are intelligent and capable of thinking for themselves.

The health and prosperity of Canadians will be affected if we lose sight of our goals and ease up on taking action now. We must continue educating our MPs, expressing our concerns and respectfully demanding their action.

Communicate with your MP via handwritten letters, scheduled in-person visits, our “Say Goodbye!” postcard, or our new “Misinformation” postcard.

This is only the beginning, but we’re one step ahead.

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