Meet Sylvie

Sylvie is part of a small but mighty volunteer group in Langley BC who are passionate about protecting Canadian’s freedom of choice and stopping government overreach within the natural health industry by educating their community, printing our postcards, and collecting signatures to enact The Charter of Health Freedom.

As a group, they are remaining determined even in the face of adversity. They brush off the occasional ignorant comments from passerby’s and are unfazed after a recent rally got cut short following a citizen complaint that prompted police involvement and an early end to their day. Despite the setback, they are motivated to “keep the good fight going… all in peaceful fashion of course”, because they understand the consequences of staying silent.

To Sylvie and ALL of the Langley volunteers, we thank you for your tireless efforts, from setting up petition booths to orchestrating rallies and printing postcards on your own dime. You have not only raised awareness but have also ignited a fire of passion within your community. As well-known activist Maya Angelou says, “Good done anywhere is good done everywhere… as long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to do something good”.


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