Can You Help NHPPA Run Our Campaigns?

It’s No Small Feat!

We are in the process of creating the largest grassroots movement in Canadian history.

Nothing short of this will protect our access to natural health products.

The NHPPA needs assistance with all levels of campaign preparation and execution including:

  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Development
  • Campaign Execution

Paid Full-Time Campaign Team Lead Opening

NHPPA has a paid position for a full-time Campaign Team Lead.

If you are passionate about protecting freedom of choice in healthcare and have the skills we’re looking for, please apply as soon as possible! We need you now.

View the Full Job Posting


Volunteer Campaign Team Positions

We also need a large team of volunteers.

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist NHPPA with campaign preparation.

Volunteers are vital to the work we do and contribute to NHPPA making a difference every day. Your dedication and efforts will have an immense impact across Canada.

Apply to Volunteer on NHPPA's Campaign Team
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