Shawn Buckley April 2021 Interview Now On Odyssee

On April 10, 2021, ThatChannel’s Hugh Reilly and Ivy Reiss interviewed Shawn Buckley (35 minute watch) regarding the history of Health Canada’s drug approval process, the persecution of natural health products and traditional medicines, and upcoming changes to the Self-Care Framework. However, in late April of this year, while attempting to share this interview, it came to NHPPA’s attention that Hugh Reilly’s YouTube channel had been removed from the platform.

Hugh Reilly is the founder of the alternative media studio ThatChannel, and has been a supporter of NHPPA, interviewing Shawn Buckley nearly every year since 2008 to help amplify our work. We were troubled that the rampant censorship exercised by social media giants was affecting Hugh, but not entirely surprised. Censoring alternative opinions in mainstream media has become all too common. After we released a post stating that the video was no longer available on YouTube, an NHPPA subscriber and fellow advocate for health freedom reached out to let us know that they found Hugh Reilly’s new video archive – on Odysee. We are thankful Hugh and his team rebounded to continue bringing truth to the world.


  • “Now here’s what your listeners have to be aware of… This whole ‘game’ is a fraud. This drug approval process, like when Health Canada says you can’t take Strauss Heart Drops because they haven’t been proven to us to work for heart disease, it’s a fraud.” (11:11)
  • “[This psychiatrist] starts complaining to me when I’m cross examining him about how hard it is to get a new antidepressant through this new drug approval process. He says, you know, ‘We need two clinical trials, so right out of the gate, we run eight. We start with eight. Because we have to run eight on average where there’s two that have a statistical separation.’ The other six could show the sugar pill works better than the drug, but they don’t show Health Canada the other six.” (12:00)
  • “Right now, to get a traditional product approved, you can rely on traditional use evidence.” (14:16)
  • “When we’re done this transition, you will have to have the same level of evidence for natural products as you have to for the [low-risk] chemical drugs, which is going to be clinical trial evidence. Well, natural health products will never go through the new drug approval process, because it costs about a million dollars to go through and you have no intellectual property rights.” (18:56)
  • “We all need to be really cautious about our sources, and what information we accept and don’t accept.” (31:26)
  • “I’m really frustrated with how hard it is to get people to actually do anything, even if they totally agree with you. Somehow picking up that phone, because it’s uncomfortable, or writing that letter, it’s just hard to motivate people.” (32:35)
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