We’re In The Fourth Turning For Now: Crisis

When will this be over? In this fascinating (and artful) production (10 minute watch), Van Neistat, creates a visual representation of 80 year history cycles, as discussed in the 1997 book The Fourth Turning. The book posits that history truly does repeat itself, in predictable sets of four 20 year blocks called “turnings” before restarting the cycle again. You’ll see through the video’s illustrations, we’re clearly in a crisis now. Van Neistat says, “The authors of The Fourth Turning tell us that these crises are like forest fires—unpleasant, but necessary. They clear the woods for new growth. But, we will, each of us, need to rise to the occasion during this crisis. We will need to develop and fortify our virtues as we pursue a greener pasture.” How are you strengthening your values and safeguarding your beliefs?