Shawn Buckley March 2021 TrueHope Cast Interview with Host Simon Brazier

Almost two years since Shawn Buckley’s last interview. Seems like a good time for a refresher on health, censorship, law and truth. On March 13, 2021, Shawn joined long-time freedom fighter, Simon Brazier of TrueHope Cast for a podcast discussion (1 hour listen), on “The Insidious Side of Health Canada”. Simon investigates, with compelling discernment, the true nature of Health Canada and resultant impact on Canadians’ health, rights, and freedom. Shawn shares new changes in our system of law, amplified since the global pandemic began.

While discussing the censorship of health claims on natural health products (NHPs) allowed by Health Canada, and the restrictions on the sharing evidence related to the study of NHPs, Shawn says, “There’s product after product after product out there, that could make a life and death difference for you or somebody else throughout your life… and you will never know. Because it is illegal for you to be told.”



• “It took me years to understand that Health Canada is not there to protect our health. They portray this image because that gives them some moral authority to basically convince people that they’re doing good.” (15:14)

• “When you think about it, parliament passes the Food and Drug Act and Regulations, and who enforces it? That’s why Health Canada is there. Health Canada is there to enforce the law. No where in the Food and Drug Act or the Regulations does it say that we are trying to get good health outcomes…. They’re there to enforce the law.” (17:37)

• “Back to this concept that you’re only allowed to take things that the government says you can take. You know, we’d all agree with a government body saying, ‘actually, we think this is dangerous and you shouldn’t do it.’ But to be actively making sure that alternatives are not on the market? …No natural products can be approved for serious conditions, so the minute you’re treating heart disease like Mr. Strauss was (Strauss Heart Drops), or bipolar disorder like TrueHope does… the list goes on. [Health Canada] is aggressive at taking these things off the market.” (30:17)

• “Our whole approach to government and rights has been turned on its head.” (31:05)

• “I am continually amazed at how the majority of people will just simply do nothing.” (33:23)

• “As a Canadian, you are dramatically more likely to be bitten by a shark than to be seriously harmed, let alone killed, by a natural health product. You’re more likely to be struck by lightning.” (50:04)


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